Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

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Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men services offered in Delray Beach, FL

Many men notice changes in how they feel and function over time, and hormonal imbalance is a common cause. For men in and around Delray Beach, Florida, Sabrina Elien, NP, of Advance Practice Care LLC, is an outstanding resource for hormone replacement therapy for men. To learn more about this service coming soon to the practice, booking a visit with Sabrina by phone or a few clicks of the mouse. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men Q&A

What is hormonal imbalance? 

Hormones act as chemical triggers that prompt your body to perform many necessary functions. You produce hormones naturally throughout your life, but as the years pass, your production levels decline. 


The natural aging process can cause your hormones to become unbalanced—leading to numerous changes in how you feel and function each day. 


Both men and women rely on hormones for various functions, but the type of hormones and their volume differ between women and men. For example, while women require a certain level of testosterone to thrive, men produce this specific hormone at far higher volumes. 


When testosterone production declines, a wide range of changes can occur, many of which are disruptive to daily life. 

What are some signs I might need hormone replacement therapy for men?


Understanding what to look for can help you know when to seek professional help for hormonal imbalance. Some of the signs of reduced hormone production in men include:


  • Enlarged breast tissue
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain
  • Headaches
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Mood swings


These are just some of the changes you might experience as you move through middle age and beyond. Some men only notice one or two minor changes, while others experience numerous shifts in how they feel each day. 

What happens during hormone replacement therapy for men?


Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the process of delivering supplemental hormones to restore optimal balance within your system. The first step is lab testing to learn more about your current hormone production levels. 


If supplemental hormones are needed, there are many options for administering these hormones. Topical gels, patches, or injections are common methods for delivering synthetic hormones that add to the hormones your body produces naturally.


It can take trial and error to find the right hormone replacement therapy plan. Your body needs time to adjust to supplemental hormones before your practitioner can assess how well your therapy is working. Be patient as you move through the process, and know that you’ll have the support and guidance needed to find the right HRT approach for your specific needs. 


When you’re ready to learn more about this service coming soon to Advance Practice Care LLC, booking is fast and easy online or by phone.  


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